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Second hand CDs

ABOMINATOR – The Eternal Conflagration £6.50
ANGELCORPSE – The Inexorable £6.50
ARES KINGDOM – Incendiary (CDr from NWN! fest II) £6.50
ATOMIZER – The only weapon of choice £3.50
AUTOPSY – Ridden with disease (cheap CDr bootleg) £3.50
BLACK WITCHERY – Upheaval of Satanic Might £6.50
BLACK WITCHERY / CONQUEROR – Hellstorm of evil vengeance £6.50
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER – Atomic infested carnage CDr £6.50
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER – The IIIrd command of the absolute chaos £6.50
CACODAEMON – Tales of Demoncy £6.50
COUNT RAVEN – Messiah of Confusion £6.50
CYCLONE – Brutal Destruction £6.50
DARKTHRONE – Transilvanian Hunger £6.50
DENIAL OF GOD – A night in Transylvania £3.50
DIOCLETIAN – War of all against all £6.50
DOOM – Doomed from the start £6.50
DRAWN AND QUARTERED – Feeding hell’s furnace £6.50
EXMORTIS – Resurrection… Book of the dead £3.50
EXPULSER – The Unholy one £6.50
GOATLORD – Distorted Birth: The demos £8
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS – A call to arms £6.50
HELLHAMMER – Apocalyptic Raids 1990 AD £6.50
HELL SPIRIT – Demo 1 ‘05 £3.50
HEPTAMERON – Grand master of the final harvest £6.50
IGNIVOMOUS – Contragenesis £6.50
INTO DARKNESS – s/t £3.50
KAAMOS – s/t £6.50
KILLER – Ready for Hell £6.50
LUST / ANAEL – split £6.50
MARTIRE / THRONEUM – United in Hell £6.50
MASSACRE – Tyrants of Death £6.50
MESSIAH – Powerthrash / The infernal thrashing £6.50
MORBOSIDAD – Cojete a dios por el culo £6.50
MORTEM – The Devil speaks in tongues £6.50
MORTEM – De natura Daemonum £6.50
MORTUORIO – Camara de Torturas £6.50
MOTORHEAD – Iron Fist £6.50
MUTILATOR – Grave Desecration + Live £6.50
NECROS CHRISTOS – Grave Damnation £6.50
NECROS CHRISTOS – Triune impurity rites £6.50
NECROVATION – s/t £6.50
NERLICH – Defabricated Process £6.50
OPERA IX – 90-92-93 The early chapters £6.50
PENTAGRAM – Relentless £6.50
PROCLAMATION – Advent of the black omen £6.50
PROSANCTUS INFERI – Red streams of flesh £3.50
REPUGNANT – Hecatomb £6.50
REVEREND BIZARRE – In the rectory of the reverend bizarre £8
SABBAT – Fetishism £6.50
SABBAT – Live Sabbatical Hamaguri queen £3.50
SAMAEL – 1987-1992 £8
SLAUGHTER – Surrender or die £6.50
UNLEASHED – Where no life dwells £6.50
VULCANO – Bloody Vengeance £6.50
WHIPLASH – Power and Pain + Ticket to Mayhem £6.50
WITCHMASTER – Violence and Blasphemy £6.50
WORSHIP – Last CD before doomsday £6.50


VARATHRON – Walpurgisnacht LP £9.00
Re-issue of the second album of VARATHRON, continues the classic Greek sound of ‘His Majesty…’ and ROTTING CHRIST / NECROMANTIA.

 photo LPs 001_zpshvugyifn.jpg

Both bands should be well known now for their dark and unrelenting Death Metal.

 photo LPs 002_zpsjwxpeoql.jpg

Vinyl EPs


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Cyberchrist domination leading into fast and clinical sounding French black metal. Nice looking Moyen artwork too.
 photo EPs 007_zpskll0s7ur.jpg
DENOUNCEMENT PYRECircle of Black Flame £3.50
An older release from back in 2008 from this Aussie iron gang. Their third album should be out soon on Hells Headbangers.

 photo EPs 011_zpsoz8c68lx.jpg
INFERNAL CURSEVisions of Darkness £3.50
Keeps close to the old formula perfected by the likes of ABHORER, RATOR and EXPULSER. Ugly vocals!

 photo EPs 015_zpszyohosxr.jpg

INFINITUM OBSCUREObscuridad Eterna £.3.50
A re-issue of their tracks from the split with ANCIENT GODS, this mixes the melody of Swedish Death (early DISSECTION, DECAMERON etc) with that classic dark Mexican sound.

 photo EPs 010_zpsmffl8v8c.jpg

Murkrat feature the song ‘The Mighty Spires’ which comes from a different recording to the version on the Drudging the Mire album, while Demons Gate continue to play quirky Doom / Heavy metal.

 photo EPs 008_zpsoydbjwfv.jpg

NECROVATIONGloria Mortus £3.50
Swedish Dods Metal with a clearer production than the first album, sounding closer to their first demo and EP.

 photo EPs 003_zpsi7cguhpk.jpg

NOCTURNAL BLOOD Invocation of Spirits £3.50
Definite BEHERIT worship, the member now plays in THE HAUNTING PRESENCE.

 photo EPs 002_zpsuja7hfo2.jpg

Very underground material, not for weak ears! Nocturnal Evil combine the MORTEM (Nor) pitch shifted vocals with classic BEHERIT guitarwork, while BURNING WINDS deliver all out blasphemy in the SURRENDER OF DIVINTY tradition.

 photo EPs 004_zpswdg6h9ts.jpg

ORATORDominion of Avyaktam £3.50
The first EP of Orator, playing primitive Black Metal with a very noticeable bass, giving off a similar feel to the first WEAPON demo.

 photo EPs 009_zps7ix2sigy.jpg

Split material of uncompromising and dark Black Metal between these two American bands from back in 2009.

 photo EPs 005_zpsrxl1ivoh.jpg

SAMMOHANs/t £3.50
Featuring ex-members from HEATHEN HOOF and MINOTAURI, this is not too far from their loose Doom. Like a Kundalini obsessed LAMP OF THOTH.

 photo EPs 014_zpszmk6syrr.jpg

SUPERCHRISTFuck like a priest £3.50
Now more widely appreciated for his work with HIGH SPIRITS, this short EP pays tribute to all things SABBAT, performing one cover from their Karmagmassacre album along with a couple of live tracks from 2009.

 photo EPs 006_zpsmcczdngj.jpg

TERATOThe morbid wraiths £3.50
Solid Swedish Orthodox Black recorded at Necromorbus.

 photo EPs 016_zpsylsphqh6.jpg

UNHOLY CRUCIFIXThe Rite of Satan £3.50
Vile sounding Black Metal that gurgles from the pits. Recently had an album out on NWN!, this release is from older 2011 material.

 photo EPs 001_zpsnoaoqdad.jpg

WURMHog metal £3.50
Perennial favourites of the old Depth Charge zine, somehow they’ve managed to put out a couple of EPs on Iron Bonehead. Very crude!

 photo EPs 013_zpsxwszbjsc.jpg

ZEMIALI am the dark £3.50
Following up their BATHORY homage on the ‘In Monumentum’ album, the band returned to their faster thrashing sound perfected on ‘Face of the Conqueror’ with this EP.

 photo EPs 012_zpshi80t3bx.jpg